August 8, 2022

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As for equipment, even the early entry-level models were enticing. But look for cars from...

As for equipment, even the early entry-level models were enticing. But look for cars from 2009 for a specification sweet spot, because all were equipped with adaptive suspension, cruise control, sat-nav, climate control and parking sensors.

Fancy extras were added as you went up the range, including heated seats and leather upholstery, and SE Lux trim gained electrically adjustable massage seats as well. Executive trim meant an upgraded speaker system. For a more dynamic experience, SE Sport, on sale from 2006, had the more racy petrol V6, twin chrome-plated exhausts, larger sports seats, satin silver trim and an absence of roof rails.

When the XC90 was launched in 2002, prices spanned £28,400 to nearly £50,000. Today, you can bag one for little more than £1000 if you’re brave, although safer buys await those with at least £5000. Either way, be picky: that 14-year lifespan means there’s lots of choice.

An owner’s view

Keelan Clarke, Volvo XC90 Owners Club: “My experience with the XC90 has been absolutely fantastic. The comfort and space make it a pleasure, and even though it’s a big vehicle, it never really feels like that when I’m driving it. 

“There’s plenty of muscle in the engine, but the most appealing aspect is the room. I’ve yet to come across another vehicle that offers so much of it. It handles all that a family needs and wants. Like any vehicle, they age and that can bring problems, but generally they’re worry-free.”


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