August 16, 2022

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(Pocket-lint) – Google Assistant has some really handy features, including the ability to make notes...

(Pocket-lint) – Google Assistant has some really handy features, including the ability to make notes and lists and search for specific photos by voice, you can even find a misplaced phone.

Here’s what you need to know.


What you can do with Google Assistant

Here are five awesome features you might not know about:

  1. Google Assistant can create notes and lists for you. 
  2. Google assistant can help you assign reminders to your housemates and family.
  3. Google Assistant can serve up photos and send them to your friends or family.
  4. Google Assistant can search for podcasts about a certain topic.
  5. Google Assistant can help you find a lost phone 

How do these features work?

Notes and lists

You need to connect Google Assistant with an app that you want to use to create notes or lists, such as Google Keep,, AnyList, or Bring!. Notes and lists are available across Assistant-enabled phones, speakers, and smart displays.

  1. Select the Services tab in your Google Assistant settings and then choose the app name from the Notes and Lists section.
  2. Once connected, lists created from your Assistant device will appear in that app.
  3. You can also ask Google Assistant for your notes and lists that were created before you connected Google Assistant with your app.
  4. Try saying “Create a holiday gift list” or “Add turkey to my grocery list” or “Take a note” or “Show me my notes”.

Assignable reminders

Assignable reminders help you collaborate and stay in touch with people who are a part of your household and have access to your Assistant devices. With this feature, you can ask your Google Assistant, “Hey Google, remind Corey to pick up eggnog from the store tomorrow.”

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Find photos by voice

It’s as simple as it sounds: Use Google Assistant to fetch photos buried in your phone’s camera roll. On your Android phone, say, “Hey Google, look up photos from last summer,” and tap your favourite pictures. You can also say, “Hey Google, share these photos with Paul.”

Listen to podcasts by topic

When you ask the Assistant for podcasts about a certain topic, it’ll suggest relevant episodes for you. Just say, “Hey Google, find a podcast about serial killers” or “Hey Google, find a podcast about WWII”. Either way, it’ll suggest a podcast and specific episodes for you to hear.

Find your phone

This one can save a lot of frustration, simply say to your Nest smart speaker or smart display “Hey Google, find my phone” and your phone will get a notification and make a custom ringing sound – even when set to silent or do not disturb.

What’s more, this feature even works with iPhones. To enable it on iPhone you just need to opt in to receiving notifications and critical alerts from the Google Home app.

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