August 16, 2022

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Tesla The latest version of Tesla’s app (version 4.3.1) introduces the ability to send digital...

The latest version of Tesla’s app (version 4.3.1) introduces the ability to send digital car keys to up to five friends, family members, or if you’re feeling risky, complete strangers! Not only does this feature greatly improve the quality of life for Tesla owners and their families, but it opens the door to remote towing and service.

Smart home owners are already very familiar with this sort of feature. If you own a Schlage smart lock, for example, you can tell guests or housekeepers to download the Schlage app and send them a digital key (which you may revoke at any time).

Additionally, Tesla says that it’s working on “cloud profiles,” which will automatically apply a driver’s preferences to whatever Tesla they sit in. These cloud profiles will add a new layer to Tesla’s car-sharing features and eventually open the door to a “Tesla Network,” where a single car will drive itself around town to reach family members or paying customers.

Just to be clear, you could already share digital Tesla keys with friends and family. But doing so was a hassle—you had to visit the Tesla website and grant car access over email. Today’s update makes car sharing a whole lot easier, which is an important step for sending keys to service people or occasional guests.

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You can access Tesla’s new car sharing features by updating to the latest version of its app (version 4.3.1 or later). Links to the App Store and Play Store are provided below.

Download on the Apple App StoreGet it on Google Play

Source: Tesla App Updates via Electrek