August 8, 2022

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Netflix has been bundled with a bunch of services as a perk, and the Chromecast...

Netflix has been bundled with a bunch of services as a perk, and the Chromecast is no different. Google has been running a promo where people who buy the Chromecast with Google TV can get six months of Netflix thrown in. However, according to 9To5Google, some customers are getting an extra six months free (that’s quite a deal!).

The extra six months of Netflix might be caused by a bug

If you buy the Chromecast with Google TV, it’ll usually set you back $49.99. However, if you want to add on six months of Netflix, you can get the $89.99 bundle. That’s an extra $40 for almost $84 worth of Netflix.

Reports are rolling in from people who look at their accounts to see that they have an extra six months of complimentary Netflix. With this promo, you’d usually see one credit for $83.94 towards your account. Instead, people are seeing an additional credit added to their account.

Right now, neither Google nor Netflix made any statements about this issue, but if any of the companies catch wind of this, they’ll definitely work overtime to stop it. As much as companies LOVE giving away stuff for free, I’m sure Netflix might draw the line at half a year of service.

Want to take part in this promo?

As stated before, this promo is for the Chromecast with Google TV onboard. If you want to have the six months of Netflix added on, you’ll have to opt for the $89.99 bundle. If you buy one, you’ll have until March 2022 to redeem the offer before it expires.

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In Other Chromecast News: The new YouTube app is making its way to 3rd generation Chromecast devices

We’ve known about a new YouTube experience coming to Chromecast for a while (since the beginning of the year). A few users actually reported seeing some changes to the app as early as March this year, but we’re now starting to get an official rollout.

The updated YouTube app is starting to hit Chromecast 3rd generation devices. These new changes include having more control over the videos like resolution, closed captions, and the ability to add to playlists.

There’s a new navigation bar on the left side that houses the search bar and sections such as music, gaming, movies, library, and subscriptions. If you want to see these changes, they are rolling out gradually. If you don’t see them, be sure that your version of YouTube is up to date.