August 10, 2022

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The Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo is all set to launch its first foldable smartphone. The...

The Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo is all set to launch its first foldable smartphone. The company has announced the Oppo Find N foldable smartphone and it will be unveiled on 15th December. This new device is a result of the research and development that Oppo has done in the previous years. The handset can be folded inwards similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series smartphone and the teasers suggest that this device will feature OLED displays and a metal design. The company will be offering its own software platform to make sure this device is different from others. 

The Chief Marketing Officer of Oppo announced the launch date of the Find N foldable smartphone and claimed that it will come with a simple design that will be easy to use. 

Oppo Find N foldable smartphone

Oppo gave us a glimpse of the upcoming foldable Find N smartphone through a teaser video that was released by the company. It was a video of 15 seconds that showed us how the device folded in an inward direction and it also let us know that there are thin bezels on the foldable display and the cover. The handset features a display with hole-punch design and it may have an under display camera sensor. The rounded metal design of this handset is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Furthermore, the device will include a USB type-C port for charging and the fingerprint scanner will be side-mounted. The Chief Marketing Officer said that the first gen prototype was designed in 2018. He also said that a lot of brands have already introduced their set of foldable smartphones; however, factors such as durability, user experience and utility are a major reason for the lack of popularity. He further added that since the time he joined this company, he was very determined to fulfil the dream that everyone inside Oppo had seen. 

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The company did not reveal much about the Oppo Find N except for the inward foldable design and the USB type-C charging port. We will get to know more details during the launch which has been scheduled for 15th December. 

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