August 10, 2022

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Concept vehicle shown. Vehicle not for sale. Some words have gained new meaning in the...

Concept vehicle shown. Vehicle not for sale.

Some words have gained new meaning in the 21st century (tweet, feed, viral, etc.) But look up the word car in the dictionary and you’ll still find it defined as, “A four-wheeled automotive vehicle designed for passenger transportation.” And if you ask a young child to draw a picture of a car, chances are they’ll draw a series of boxes and two circles for wheels. The basic question, what is a car?, is only simple at first glance, though. Consider it again in the current time of speedy technological advancements and you’ll realize that what the dictionary tells you is incredibly oversimplified.

In a time of semi-autonomous driving, electric cars that can be charged while you sleep and a growing consciousness about the need to help protect the planet, one thing is clear: the notion of what a car actually is needs a makeover.

Concept vehicle shown. Vehicle not for sale.


One of the brands paving the road for change is Audi. They’re out to create a smarter world for the future and they’re not waiting for tomorrow. Through revolutionary tech, passionate creativity, an eco-friendly mindset and thought-provoking innovations, Audi is ready to bring the future of mobility to us today.

Ambitious? Almost unbelievably so. Can it actually exist? Excitingly, yes. The Audi Skysphere concept—an impressive car with an electric engine, luxurious interior, and a fully digital ecosystem—is a sci-fi dream that’s being brought to life. Henrik Wenders, head of brand at Audi and part of the team making this futuristic vision a reality, even goes as far as to no longer call it a car. He prefers the term “experience device” and says, “in the future, it won’t only be about the driving, it’ll be about the experience that the passengers and users have on their journey.”

The autonomously driven concept car is more than just smart tech; it has the power to change everything.

This is set to be a total change, not only in navigating from A to B, but also with regards to our understanding of luxury. The Audi Skysphere concept will mean we’ll have the freedom to choose to be driven autonomously or to drive the car manually.

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Both driving experiences are made possible thanks to an innovation that sounds like something from an action movie: Audi’s adaptive wheelbase. This lengthens or shortens the car by 9.8 inches with the push of a button.

audi concept car
Concept vehicle shown. Vehicle not for sale.


See, it really is no longer just about the joy of driving; Audi wants the Skysphere concept to be a first-class entertainment room for relaxation, connection, and communication. The steering wheel and the pedals can swivel completely and disappear out of sight to create space for the latest interior, inspired in many aspects by the Art Deco era but also by nature, with eucalyptus wood and a synthetically produced leather surrogate.

The autonomously driven concept car is more than just smart tech; it has the power to change everything, including the way we think, our society and our values. The autonomously driven concept car changes the world from a driver’s perspective, offering an experience that appeals to all the senses. This future freedom will be the new luxury.

Wenders sees this as a complete overhaul of the automotive industry, and one that he isn’t afraid of. The Audi team has shown us what is possible with the Skysphere concept and Wenders certainly is convinced. “The future is full of possibilities,” he says. “We just have to see it as an opportunity.”

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