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(Photo : Image from GettyImages) ‘Halo Infinite’ Review Scores Come Back Almost Perfect | Do Fans Agree?

“Halo Infinite” has been a long-awaited game continuing the legacy of the ever faithful Xbox “Halo” series. With that, the new game has received high reviews from 11 different publications and ranking systems.

Xbox ‘Halo Infinite’

According to Kotaku, the “Halo Infinite” game was delayed for a new generation of Xboxes and saw no shortage of public scrutiny over its tumultuous development process. With that, there are a lot of expectations on “Halo Infinite’s” armor-clad shoulders with a lot of players coming into the game with their own predetermined definition of what “Halo” stands for.

Finally, players will be able to play the game on Xbox and PC. To add, the game is the seventh mainline “Halo” game and is the first in six years after “Halo 5: Guardians” in 2015. With that being said, “Infinite” is now picking up about a year and a half after the previous events of “Halo 5”.

‘Halo Infinite’ Storyline Following Mr. John Halo

Finally, players will be able to play the game through fresh new eyes following the storyline told in the perspective of the game’s long time hero, Master Chief. To add, players will be able to play the whole game as Mr. John Halo himself which makes the new game feel like less of a proper sequel to the previous “Halo 5” and more like a follow-up to the original trilogy which was told under the purview of Bungie.

As per Nibel on Twitter, “Halo Infinite” has achieved almost perfect scores with a number of different publications and ranking authorities.

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‘Halo Infinite’ Review Scores:

  • Destructoid rates ‘Halo Infinite a 9

  • Game Informer  rates ‘Halo Infinite a 9.25

  • Gamespot rates ‘Halo Infinite a 9

  • Giant Bomb rates ‘Halo Infinite a ⅘

  • IGN rates ‘Halo Infinite a 9

  • Inverse rates ‘Halo Infinite a 10

  • MetaCritic rates ‘Halo Infinite a 87 with 42 critics

  • OpenCritic rates ‘Halo Infinite a 86 with 73 critics

  • VentureBeat rates ‘Halo Infinite a 5/5

  • VG247 rates ‘Halo Infinite a 5/5

  • Windows Central rates ‘Halo Infinite a 5/5


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What Fans are Saying About ‘Halo Infinite’

Some reactions to the rating, however, said that anything below 90 is unacceptable with others noting that the PC side has an 81 rating. To add, others commented that nine is actually an average rating for a lot of games meaning a 9/10 is just considered average.

In the thread, Twitter user totallygamergirl replied to a rating of 7.5 by Joshua Boyles saying that the 7.5 score might be harsh but the user didn’t think the higher scores were better. Totallygamergirl noted that the game is great but there are still a number of things to do like weapon balance, radial menu, AI, and even the tedious progress when it comes to the game’s multiplayer.

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