August 10, 2022

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With the shopping season now in full swing, Facebook has published a new, 18-page guide...

With the shopping season now in full swing, Facebook has published a new, 18-page guide to optimizing your Facebook Marketplace listings, in order to maximize reach, interest, and ideally, sales in the final push of the year.

And while the guide is focused on Marketplace, many of the notes and stats relate to broader eCommerce trends. You can download the full guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key elements.

First off, Facebook shares some key consumption stats for the holiday period, and specific trends that it’s seeing on Marketplace.

There’s also this helpful graph of the key elements that consumers consider in their shopping journey:

Facebook Marketplace trends

I mean, the colors and the random order of the bars is a little confusing, but it may provide some pointers as to what you should be focusing on in your customer journey mapping.

There’s also data on what users are looking for online, in terms of gift ideas:

Facebook Marketplace guide

And key dates to remember in your planning:

Facebook Marketplace guide

Note the UPS shipping calculator note at the bottom – the guide also includes links to various shipping provider dates and times in the period.

Facebook then shares more in-depth explainers on specific notes on optimizing your Marketplace listings, including inventory planning, pricing strategies and best practice notes.

Facebook Marketplace guide

It’s a handy guide, which, as noted, likely has more value than just within Marketplace listings. Indeed, a lot of these trends would be indicative of broader eCommerce searches and preferences, which could provide guidance in your approach.

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It’s free either way, and worth a look.

You can download the ‘Facebook Marketplace Holiday Guide for Sellers’ here.