August 8, 2022

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First off, I am a big fan of adventure games, ever since I played games like Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and so many others! The only thing that makes it hard to find myself attached to any game is it doesn’t bring anything exciting or worth spending hours playing. That would include if the graphics are horrible, no interesting music that plays in the background, or a dull story that is either narrated or spoken amongst the characters throughout the game. Practically, the game would begin to score low for me because the talking portion, not basically the video feature, but the speaking portion that goes throughout the game takes way too much time, which I would rather be playing than listening or reading.

So here are the two questions I asked myself before playing. Will Effie provide everything I feel I need in an adventure game? At least, if the story is not that great, will the action portion of the game, help overcome any lackluster if there is any?

Well to my findings, this wasn’t as easy to say in just a few words, as the game had me feeling unimpressed. I honestly don’t feel that this game brings anything different or exciting as I was hoping. It’s not that the game is missing something, or maybe it could be? However, I felt it just wasn’t as entertaining and I felt it could be better.

However, I rather tell you a few positive things that I did find pleasing, before the worst aspects of the game. Starting with it being a simpler game to play and allowing you to engage in plenty of fighting off the bad guys throughout the game. You will feel that similarity to many other games, as you play along. Even with its world environmental design, it’s very interesting and quite captivating.

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Now comes the portion of why I found the game to be not for me or worthy of playing. So, while I did play through the game, which includes this long introduction. I just felt it didn’t bring any special thrills that would make it stand out. I was looking for something different or extraordinary when it came to the adventure portion of the game. Especially with the character design, it looks like it would be quite entertaining! However, some of the graphics felt a bit much, especially with the color red. It just looked awful to look at. Even the character design, while some were fine, others could have been done better.

Another reason this game made me feel very unhappy was that it’s told by us. So it’s in this 3rd person narrative because we are telling the story to the girl whose name is the title of the game, Effie. I don’t have a problem with this, but it can be a bit much to hear him speak about himself the entire time. I so wanted to turn off the volume, but I had no idea if I’d miss something important, as the words that also appear on the screen go away quickly and I could miss something.

Now let’s talk about the weapons. Well, this is easy, there is nothing really exciting, only one weapon, a shield. We finally get this when it’s time to defeat the first few ghostly villains and learn how it’s used. This weapon is awesome, there is just nothing else to hold our breath for. So even if it is used for other portions of the game, it doesn’t really bring much excitement to look forward to anything else.

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Additionally, controlling the character was just the same, easy to move left, right, and side to side. It’s not such a very complicated mapping on the controller. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t normally pick up an action-adventure game will find it still easy to move around with ease. Especially, if there is nothing else to look forward to when it comes to getting new weapons to learn or hard skills, other than the ones you do get to learn during this game.

I did have one difficulty, which is in many games already, leaping from one edge to another. Now in the beginning we don’t double jump, till we learn this skill so it’s a bit difficult to get it right the first time. However, it will get easier when you finally move forward and learn these bonus skills. Thankfully, it wasn’t left to one single jump like many games do. I’ve always been left wishing for a double jump capability in any game if it isn’t going to ever happen.

Therefore, I want to leave you with this. Effie is a game that is with an original story, it’s not really complicated or difficult to pick up and play, with plenty of interesting elements and action of battling the enemies on your way through each part of the game. It just doesn’t work for me, I’ll play it, but it isn’t something I would play often. Leaving me to tell you that if you want something a bit more thrilling, something that will make you forget any other game you’ve ever played or challenge your brain with these so-called puzzles in this game, well I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much, but it does depend on the player’s experience. The more games you’ve played, and coming to this may not be as pleasing as if you just played not many action-packed and adventure games first.

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