August 16, 2022

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Need something affordable and cheaper than what Apple have to offer with faster charging...

Need something affordable and cheaper than what Apple have to offer with faster charging well this wall plug might be up your street which allows you to charge two devices at once and at faster speeds than the standard 5w brick you get from Apple and it also costs less.

This is also ideal for travelling and it will also charge other devices so if like me you sport two phones on the go this is great so you can charge an ipad airpods and more or if with a partner you can charge both devices at one time which is handy you will need an extra cable though to do so that is not in the box. For me it is a product that makes sense as I carry an iPhone 13 Pro and Pixel 6 so it works really well in that respect.

Dual-Port Design with USB-C and USB-A frees you from messy chargers with various interfaces. Elktry 20W fast charger will quickly charge 2 devices at the same time to minimize waiting time. Measuring only 0.98 x 1.69 x 1.96 inches, which is the appropriate choice for business trip or travel. The USB C to lightning cable even after over 20,000 twist tests, no damage from frequent bending, which is sturdy and durable for daily use.


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