August 16, 2022

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Bitwarden’s free plan offers more features than competing password management providers offer. Low prices for...

Bitwarden’s free plan offers more features than competing password management providers offer. Low prices for paid individual, family and business plans help you stretch your budget to the max.

Plans and Pricing

Bitwarden is quite impressive in terms of the number of features it offers on all its plans. All free and paid plan users benefit from:

  • A secure password generator (that creates exceptionally strong passwords)
  • Unlimited vault items
  • Unlimited number and types of devices
  • Unlimited syncing
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Bitwarden Send (a tool that lets you securely transmit data to anyone)
  • Encrypted data export

Bitwarden has two types of personal plans: Individual and Sharing. The chart below breaks down the key differences among these personal-use plans.

Bitwarden offers two types of business plans: Team Organization and Enterprise Organization. The Team plan costs $3 per month per user, while the Enterprise plan costs $5 per month per user. Both business plans include the same core benefits provided in the individual plans, plus business-specific features such as:

  • Directory sync
  • API access
  • Bitwarden Authenticator
  • Vault health reports
  • Event and audit logs

When you upgrade to the Bitwarden Enterprise plan, you also receive the following benefits:

  • Enterprise policies
  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication
  • Admin password reset
  • Custom management role
  • Self-host option

Platforms Supported

Bitwarden works with top operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Browser extensions are available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Edge. Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS.


Bitwarden adopts a zero-knowledge encryption approach to protecting your data, which means not even Bitwarden staff can access the information you store. AES 256-bit encryption—considered a virtually unbreachable way to encrypt data—keeps every item in your password vault secure. In addition to keeping passwords and login information in your Bitwarden vault, you can also securely store notes, credit card numbers and personal or business information such as addresses.

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Two-step authentication for account access is accomplished in a variety of ways. Creating a strong Master Password is the first way to protect your Bitwarden account. You can then use a second method to verify your identity, such as using an authenticator app like Authy or Google Authenticator, a YubiKey, TOP Security Key or Duo Push. You can also request a verification code be sent to you via SMS or email.

Bitwarden is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and SOC 2 security standards.

While there is no way to recover your Master Password should you lose it, you can set up a master password hint link when you create your account that can help jog your memory. We recommend you also establish a trusted Emergency Access contact who could also help you access your account.

Customer Support

Bitwarden community forums contain discussion threads on user-to-user support, feature requests and GitHub contributions. You can also receive support via Reddit and Twitter threads.

The Bitwarden online Help Center includes a comprehensive directory of the software’s most discussed issues and questions. Ticket-based support is offered 24/7 for all plans; Premium, Family Organization, Teams and Enterprise plans receive priority ticket queuing. Online chat and phone support are not available.

Fine Print

Bitwarden’s nonintuitive interface lacks the user-friendliness that’s common with alternatives such as LastPass and Dashlane. Also, since Bitwarden is open source software, it’s highly customizable, but you may need some serious tech skills to access Bitwarden’s full power.