August 18, 2022

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2022 will be a big maintenance year when it comes to our roadways. The Alabama...

2022 will be a big maintenance year when it comes to our roadways.

The Alabama Department of Transportation Director, John Cooper, spoke to the Decatur Rotary Club about 2022 plans and efforts across North Alabama.

Cooper said many of the paving and construction projects in the state are behind schedule. Not only did the weather delay work but the cost of materials is also impacting timelines.

Cooper pointed out the repair plans for I-565 and South Parkway in 2022.

High traffic roadways are a priority each year, as they see the most wear and tear. That is something ALDOT is working to stay on top of. Cooper said they are working to do maintenance on roadways more frequently, so there is less extensive work to be done.

ALDOT is also expecting more federal money for projects in the next year. President Biden‘s Build-Back Better bill will expand programs for ALDOT.

“It’s a little bit over a billion and five, spread over five years,” said Cooper. “ The problem is that we don’t know the specific program allocations of some of the money at this point in time.”

Cooper said current and future projects are a process. Although projects are behind, Cooper said they are hoping projects outlined to be completed this year will be still be finished before the new year.


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