August 8, 2022

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Acer is a brand which is much popular in the laptop and PC accessories sector...

Acer is a brand which is much popular in the laptop and PC accessories sector as we can find n number of products across the particular segment. The company is also known for offering high-res gaming monitors with 4K resolution and 300fps refresh rate support, but who knows that the company will take the display segment to another level and enter the TV market in India. Yes! You read it correctly, Acer has launched its Acer 4K UHD smart TV in the Indian market that comes with an array of features. To understand more about the newly launched 4K TV the brand has shared one unit with us so that we can use it for a while and get you a detailed review blog. In this review, we have tried answering all your questions hope you like it. Read more to know about the Acer 4K UHD smart TV. 

Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch Design 

As mentioned in the headline, we received the gigantic 58-inch Acer 4K UHD smart TV at our office so that we can explore more about the product. As the device was mounted in our office we there were too many opinions about the TV. Staring with the design, we can say that the company has managed to get everything in its first attempt as the TV looks perfect in terms of looks. The display panel is sleek and arrives with minimal bezels, which makes it look premium. 

The overall design of the TV looks neat and simple like a traditional smart TV the company has not taken any risk with the design of the TV and played very cleverly. The look and feel of the TV impressed us and we liked it as Acer’s first attempt. 

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Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch Specification 

Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch Specification

As the name suggests the newly launched Acer smart TV comes with a 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160 pixel) resolution with a refresh rate of 60Hz and 178 degrees wide viewing angle. The TV comes in different sizes but we have received the 58-inch panel. The smart TV comes with features like Google Assistant, built-in Chromecast, voice-controlled smart remote, and runs on certified Google Android operating system. 

Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch Specification remote

Under the hood, the Acer 4K UHD smart TV offers a 64-bit quad-core processor clubbed with 2GB RAM and 16GB onboard storage. On the connectivity part, the newly launched TV offers 3 HDMI ports (HDMI 1 supports ARC) to connect a personal computer, laptop, set-top box, Blu-ray speakers or a gaming console, 2 USB ports to connect hard drives or another USB device. It also offers 24 Watts output High Fidelity Speakers with Dolby Audio and sound calibration by Pure Sound 2.0. 

The 58-inch display features 1.07 billion colors, wide color Gamut+, Intelligent Frame Stabilization Engine, Dynamic Signal Calibration, HDR10+ with HLG, UHD Upscaling, Super Brightness, Micro Dimming, Digital Noise Reduction, and more. The on-paper specifications for Acer 4K UHD Smart TV are mind-blowing and so do the real-life experience. Let’s skip to the reality check.

Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch reality check

Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch reality check

We have used the Acer 4K UHD smart TV in the Pinkvilla office for more than three weeks and almost everyone has enjoyed the viewing experience of the Acer’s smart TV. There are too many questions asked about the performance of the device how it works and how’s the quality of the TV. Will answers one-by-one. 

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The very first thing is the price, so the Acer 4K UHD Smart TV 58-inch is up for grabs at Rs 40,999 on Amazon India. The price point for a 58-inch smart TV is not a bad deal. Coming to the performance, the newly launched Acer 4K UHD smart TV is smooth as butter and we are very much impressed with the user interfaced. The best part about the TV is, the UI never lags, unlike Xiaomi TVs. 

We liked the quick response of the TV and Google Assistance was also on point compared to the other players in the market. We have user Mi TV as well and witnessed lag with the UI and Google Assistant’s response. During the review we didn’t face any issue with the TV neither we have witnessed any distortion or glitch on the display which is a sign of a good TV. The wholesome experience of the Acer 4K UHD smart TV is impressive and we must say that the company is offering a great deal at this price point.