August 16, 2022

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I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to the delicate relationship between...

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to the delicate relationship between player and video game, that the horror genre really does take a big old steamer right over the whole affair, and does so with such gusto that you end up thanking the cheeky little devil.

To give more context to that strange and rather stinky image, when it comes to “regular” video game experiences, the player is usually guided in some form along the path of least resistance in order to see things through to the end, as after all the devs behind the title really do want you to complete their work and have a good time doing so.

Therefore, and bear in mind this isn’t always the case, player deaths are used fairly sparingly, as hard resets like these act as a hefty deterrent to those actually holding the controller.

Horror games, however?

Well, they just can’t wait to kill you, and some of these games are so hopped up on their own hype that they will absolutely burst the player within the opening moments of the game! Calm down lads, I’ve barely even registered what’s going on!

Now while it would be very easy for me to place any FromSoftware title into this entry seeing as pretty much every trolling title created by these devious devs is a masterclass in murdering the player as soon as they’ve begun, today we’re going to look at Dark Souls 2 and it’s opening sections which provide so many ways to die it’s almost comical.

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Now to be fair the game does warn you that death is quite literally all you’ll be seeing for a fair old while with those old crones having a good giggle at your situation, but seriously this game barely waits until you’ve booted up before it starts laying its own to your face.

In the starting area alone you can head up to the left and be smashed into the ground by an Ogre, or try your luck against two of the beasts down by the coffin lake, or you can end up jumping off a cliff to your doom thanks to other players messages dotted around Majula, but hands down the funniest and most incredulous death you can experience is at the hand of the Enslaved Pigs in Majula.

This is meant to be one of the few safe areas of the game, but here we are getting bashed around by some tiny pigs that have as much health as a giant sentinel! To die to the pigs is shameful, hilarious and quite possibly just something everyone has to go through at least once.

Hell, the devs even have a further giggle at those attempting their second run of the game as on new game plus new enemies spawn in the starting area that attack you immediately!