August 18, 2022

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10 absolute best temper tracker apps for Android

Did you know that around 3.48 million apps are created for Android users? That’s an...

Did you know that around 3.48 million apps are created for Android users? That’s an astonishing number, but it is also an indicator of how good you need to be when creating one if you want to stand out from the crowd.

It’s not easy getting through in this world, whether you’re a developer creating something on your own or a business that asked for a developer to create their business app. In both cases, a skilled and experienced team needs to overcome all obstacles. See how some of the best investment Android apps look like on this link.

Even with a team of skilled developers, UX and UI designers, content producers, and all the other professions revolving around it, you still need to know what might be behind the corner and expect the unexpected. That’s why we’re sharing this article to teach you about the six things to remember when developing an Android app. Follow up and see what they are!

1. Research the market

Before starting any work, research the market and what the app should do. See if there will be interested users to download it, or is it just going to be one of the many that didn’t make it. Apple and Android users are very different, so make sure you aim for the right target group.

For example, Apple users are concentrated in the US and Western countries, while Android users are scattered across the globe. If you’re aiming for the US population, make sure that you know how to attract them and make your app different than what Apple users are used to getting.

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2. Feel free to use templates and patterns

Lots of developers commonly make this mistake. They think that using other people’s work is ripping off, but that’s not true. With nearly 3.5 million apps on the market, it’s hard not to copy someone, so don’t pressure yourself trying to create everything from scratch.

Use the coding that someone else did before to set the foundations of the app and then build on top of it. You’ll fail excessively if you try to do everything yourself. Bugs and issues will appear in all lines, and even if everything looks perfect, you’ll see problems when you try to connect the app to the server.

3. Make sure it is still a custom-made app

With everything mentioned in the previous point, you should still know that copying is the worst thing you can do as a developer. You’re an artist, and there’s nothing worse than being a scammer of this kind in the world of artists. However, someone smart once said – good writers borrow, great writers steal, so steal just enough code to become great.

If you’re a business that needs a perfect business app, you’ll want to hire a development company that can create something unique. Do a thorough search online to find a perfect custom mobile app development company that will put your ideas into reality.

4. Keep track of the latest Android updates

You can’t develop an app for a non-existing platform. Android has regular updates, and sometimes, some of the old features become obsolete and are taken down from it. Make sure that you’re creating an app that will be running smoothly on the Android platform and your code is up to date.

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Go through the news daily. Follow Android’s official social media for any news and updates, but also follow some of the influencers and experts that often get new information on the market before they even happen. If you start developing today and the new version coming in about a month says the feature you need will no longer exist, you should immediately come up with a new plan.

5. Choose the right programing language

There are lots of options that Android developers use to create their apps. Some of the most notable ones are Java and Kotlin. This never-ending battle between the two languages only

helps the market grow faster, and users get better apps.
However, with an ocean of options aside from these two, it’s up to developers to use what feels best for them to create a masterpiece that will find great use in users’ lives.

If you’re a business, you’ll want to look for an Android development company to handle the issue, but you still want to know what language they’ll use, especially if you want to connect your website to the app. Ask the IT department what they think will be best, and search for a company skilled in it.

6. Learn a little about all basic languages

All apps started with the most basic languages ever invented, and they are still in use today. That means you should learn a little more about them. Learn more about C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. All of them might be useful for those moments when you can’t find a solution for a particular problem.

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If you already know some of the more advanced languages, be sure that it will be easy to understand what these do quickly. On the other hand, if you don’t know how they work, you might get stuck in the development process without a way out, not realizing that the simplest solution is dragging you down.


Roughly six million app developers are working on Android apps exclusively. This number is enormous. Most world countries do not have six million inhabitants, which tells you how serious this industry is. The app development industry is expected to reach $733.5 billion by 2028 as it is not showing signs of slowing down with the raging growth it has right now.

Creating the perfect Android app is not easy, but you can have enormous success if you manage to come up with an excellent solution. Android app developers must be well-educated and skilled in the field of programming to be able to create highly useful Android apps. If you’re a business, make sure you look for experience and skills when searching for the best.